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Our community website was developed by Lyonswood Community to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~

Lyonswood Home Owners Association, Inc.

"Our Focus is On Building a Community"

As of 04/16/2013, the HOA Treasurer and Secretary positions are now vacant.  We would like to fill these offices as soon as possible.  For the details, please view the announcement letter by clicking here.

Meeting minutes from the Winter Community Event and Meeting on February 22, 2013 are now available.  Election of new Officers was a primary agenda item.  Election voting results are documented fully in the minutes.  The winners were:
President - William Dingle
Vice president - Kevin Orange
Treasurer - Linda Dorsey-Walker
Secretary - Darlene Horne

A quarterly President's Notes/Report has been published.  Please click the image to view full size (as a PDF document). 

Community residents and visitors alike can surely appreciate the recent transformation of the Lyonswood Drive dead-end at the western most edge of the subdivision.  This road ending had been pretty rough for quite a number of years!  Check out these "before", "during", and "after" images.
Click images to view full size.

View the Baltimore County Traffic Analysis report for the intersection of Owings Mills Blvd. and Lyonswood Dr.  The report was originally provided to the community during the 2008 timeframe.
A traffic control preference survey, for the new intersection, has been created.  Please sign-on to access and respond to the survey.  Thank you!

WalMart Super Center in Randallstown is hiring now!  View the County release here.

New!!  Maryland has an official travel information service provided by Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA). Click here to view the announcement. Visit the website at "".

Youth Education Program information (for 2013 high school graduates), recently forwarded to our HOA president, that may potentially be of service to community members, their families, or friends.  Click here for details.

Internship Opportunities:

The Lyonswood HOA proudly announces a new "permanent" phone number.  As officers and staff come and go, this number will remain the same.  This number's automated menu allows you to directly reach any HOA member, as well as, to listen to community news items, alerts, and more.
443-590-3160  or  800-310-LHOA

By now, most of us should have noticed the recent community addition.  Lamp post banners.
Don't be bashful. Let us know your thoughts.  There should be a banner survey available shortly.

The HOA presents, the 2012 Summer Event coming to you on July 21th.  View the flier, click here, for all of the details.

"Our Focus is On Building a Community"
~ Survey ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~

~ HOA Leadership ~
Officers (2013-2014):
President - William E. Dingle
Vice President - Kevin Orange
Treasurer - vacant
Secretary - vacant

Board of Directors (2012-2013):
Sylvia Mack
Diane W. Hocker
Michael W. Horne

Mailing Address:  Lyonswood HOA, Inc.; P.O. Box 763; Owings Mills MD 21117
Phone: 443-590-3160   ( Local )
        800-310-LHOA   ( Toll free )



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